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How Flowers Can Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special?

A wedding is incomplete without flowers. They are used everywhere, from congratulations flowers to decorative vases and from flower petals at the aisle to dinner table centrepieces. Flowers help make the most important day of your life memorable for you and your better half. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right flowers and utilise them properly to make your wedding day extra special. For this reason, we have compiled the top tips that will help you use the flowers in your wedding in the best possible way. So, let's check them out in detail.

Ways To Make Your Wedding Day More Special With Flowers

Great Wedding Photos

Wedding photographs are very important as they allow you to capture various moments from the most special day of your life. Flowers add an appealing touch to the wedding pictures. So, they must be present in both foreground and background in all the ceremonies. This way, the wedding photos will look great, and you get sweet memories that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Hence, one must opt for a reputable wedding flower service to make the most out of the occasion. Moreover, flowers provide photographers with better ideas and elegant backgrounds for taking pictures. Furthermore, flowers help effectively express the vibe of that particular day. All in all, using flowers for the occasion is a sure-shot way to get great wedding photographs.

Elegant Table Centrepieces

Table centrepieces are the things that are noticed in the first place by the guests at a wedding. You can design elegant table centrepieces with the help of flowers & vases and leave a good impression on the guests. They will surely remember your wedding, because of the eye-catching decoration work.

One can use both fresh and wooden flowers, keeping in mind the desired vibe. Thoughtful floral arrangements on the tables can induce a romantic environment throughout the venue. Here are some ideas to decorate the tables with flower bouquets or vase centrepieces:

  • If you want to add delicate softness to the table's appearance, flowers like irises, taupe roses, ivory tuberoses, and similar blooms are the right choice. All these flowers go well with the soft vibe.
  • If you prefer to create a dramatic environment, you can place tall vases in the venue, with flowers in contrasting colours. 
  • Another interesting arrangement is decorating the glass vases with flowers of your choice and surrounding them with small cute candles.

Design An Elegant Bridal Bouquet

An elegant bridal bouquet is essential for a wedding. It must have a soothing fragrance and colours chosen mindfully to complement your attire and the decoration of the surroundings. In short, you must feel special when you walk on the aisle holding the fresh flower bouquet in your hand. Besides, the wedding bouquet must convey the vibes of love and affection towards your partner. Here are some tips for designing the perfect wedding bouquet:

  • It is advised to use highly fragrant flowers for designing the flower bouquet. Some of the commonly used flowers having a soothing fragrance are roses, tulips, and sweet peas. 
  • If you want to have a wedding bouquet with a vintage design, include a lace strip or an antique broach. The elegant design of the lace strip and the traditional look of the broach will surely give you a vintage vibe.
  • For a modern-style wedding bouquet, stick to the combination of red and white colours. Fresh flowers of these two colours are used primarily in modern wedding bouquets. 

Complement Your Attire

Everyone gets the best wedding dress for one of the most important occasions of their life. But, what if we told you a way to enhance the appeal of your attire. Well, flowers can do that for you! One can use specific flowers in the wedding that match the colour and design of the wedding dress. Here are some of the ideas to complement your wedding attire with flowers:

  • If you have chosen a traditional outfit for your wedding, you can use a flower bouquet prepared with local flowers for various ceremonies. Also, use flowers popular in your area for decoration purposes.
  • You can set a dress code for the wedding day party and then use similar flowers for decorating the place and greeting the guests. For example, all the ladies can get hand-curated hydrangeas bouquets in green and white colour, and wear same-coloured gowns. 
  • The bride can hold a flower bouquet in her hands, designed with special flowers that are also present on the groom's boutonniere. The presence of common flowers compliments the attires of both bride and groom appealingly and uniquely. 

Moreover, you can experiment and find out what's the best floral-dress combination according to your choice. This way, you can complement your wedding dress with the help of flowers and enhance its appeal even more.

Appealing Entryways

To leave a good impression on the guests, immediately on their arrival, you can decorate the entry of the wedding venue using flowers. There are various ways you can do so, depending on the structure and design of the entryway. Let's check out a few ideas:

  • If there is a porch at the wedding venue entrance, you can sprinkle some rose petals around the area to give the space an elegant look. 
  • If there are steps leading to the wedding venue, an excellent decorative approach is to put some flower vines around the handrails. 
  • If the entryway is large, you can place an arbour and use elegant flowers to decorate it. Your guests will surely love the entryway and it will become a good "photo spot" for them.

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It is clear from the above points that flowers have a considerable impact on your wedding. Choosing the right flowers can transform the vibe at the wedding venue. Besides, from your wedding bouquets to welcome gifts for guests, flowers are required everywhere in a wedding. After going through the above tips, you can surely make the best use of flowers to make your wedding day more special. However, it is crucial to purchase flowers from reputable online florists like Floral Spell to have sheer quality and fragrance in the flower arrangements. This way, the floral arrangements have vibrant colours and textures, making them aesthetically pleasing.