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Reasons Why Flowers Are The Perfect Gift For Birthday

Are you confused about what to gift on a loved one's birthday or endlessly scrolling on the internet to find that "perfect gift"? Most people think giving an expensive gift is the ideal choice. However, a bouquet of fresh birthday flowers is equally effective.

See, it is not the price but your intentions behind a present that matters. Also, no other gift can replicate the freshness and elegance of farm-fresh flowers arranged as per the individual taste and preferences. This old-school flower gifting is still perfect for special occasions like birthdays! You can't go wrong with them because they are the most refreshing, colourful and fragrant birthday present. Besides, there is something magical with them that puts a smile on the faces of your loved ones. 

However, one must get the flower bouquets from the best online florists in Singapore like Floral Spell to ensure appealing designs and sheer freshness in the products. Plus, you get a  wide range of birthday flower gifts at the best market prices. So, now let's look at the top reasons why flowers are the best gifting options for birthdays.

What Makes Flowers A Perfect Gift For Birthdays?

Trigger Positive Emotions

The moment you hand over flowers to your loved ones, their mood automatically uplifts, and positive emotions get triggered in their minds. Because only flowers have this superpower to convey immediate joy to the person to whom you are gifting. For this reason, they are a suitable present that can make a person's day. 

It is the colour, fragrance, and texture of fresh flowers that create a one of a kind, mesmerising experience. Because we are connected to nature on a subconscious level. Hence, our mind automatically relaxes when we see appealing natural colours. Additionally, the aroma of the flowers adds up to the experience and fills a person's heart with joy and happiness.

In short, by gifting flowers, you ensure a smile on the birthday person's face. Moreover, fresh flowers keep reminding them about your love and affection for days every time they look at your gift.

Easy To Order Online

You have to roam around the city from one store to another to buy gifts such as jewellery, electronic gadgets, clothes, etc. However, another option is to order the respective item online; but it takes days to get the product delivered. 

Flowers, on the other hand, can be easily ordered by following a simple process, and you can get them in a few hours. Floral Spell, the best online florist in Singapore, offers same-day flower delivery at your doorstep. So, why waste time and effort by going to crowded markets and stores when you can order from the comfort of home.

You can simply visit their website, where the experts at Floral Spell keep on adding unique and appealing flower bouquet collections. Moreover, there is a dedicated section for birthday congratulations flowers, from which you can choose a product according to the taste of the person. In addition, they provide the option to add a personalised message card. 

Show Love and Affection

Flowers have always been the symbols of love and affection. Thus, by gifting them to someone on a birthday, you can convey good wishes without the need to even say a word. Moreover, if you are not in the same city; you can still schedule a same-day flower delivery for the birthday person.

With the help of online birthday flowers delivery in Singapore, one can send gifts to loved ones directly to their home or office. So, you are skipping all the hassle related to buying a gift. All in all, flowers have an amazing ability to convey emotions. For this reason, they are the ideal choice to make someone feel special on their birthday.


Flowers are affordable gifting options that don't take a toll on the pocket and still impress your loved ones on their birthdays. Unlike expensive gifts, they are a simple, sweet but effective birthday present. Whether you want to gift a single rose with some chocolates or a huge bouquet; there is something for every budget. 

And after all, it's the positive intentions behind the gift that counts, not the price, as we discussed earlier. The smile on the faces of your loved ones is priceless, and flowers guarantee that! Furthermore, the affordability of fresh flowers in Singapore makes them a go-to gifting option. Not only birthdays, make every occasion more special with a little fragrance, colour, and joy by gifting flowers.

Flowers Convey Various Messages

There is a huge variety of flowers, and each one of them expresses a different message. For example, if you have to give a gift to your spouse; red roses are perfect to express love for them. On the other hand, if you are gifting to a best friend, greet them with a bouquet filled with sweet peas and sunflowers that symbolise happiness and loyalty.

Thus, flowers are not only for merely congratulating a person on the occasion of a birthday but also to convey your feelings and message effectively. Hence, be careful while making the selection and do not choose any flowers randomly. Because gifting a different flower can totally change the message you want to convey to the respective person with the help of the gift. 

Flowers Enhance The Vibe Of a Space

Fresh flowers make the birthday person feel special, but their utility is much more than that. The person to whom you gave the flowers will keep them in the home, office or another place. Irrespective of where they are kept, one thing is guaranteed: a cheerful vibe in the space!

Your gifts will keep reminding the respective persons how much you care for them. Some varieties of flowers can even last for more than a week. So, fresh flowers are going to enhance the beauty of a particular space for a long time.

Flowers give an appealing vibe to a particular space with their refreshing fragrance and elegant looks. So, whenever your loved ones enter the room, they are welcomed by the aroma of farm-fresh flowers that are aesthetically pleasing. Consequently, their mood becomes great and they feel happy and joyful. 


We hope you have understood how fresh flowers are the perfect gifting option for birthdays; after going through the above points. However, to get fresh flower gifts with the best designs and collections, consider shopping from a trusted florist.

Floral Spell is one of the leading online florists in Singapore, dealing in both fresh and sola wood flowers. Besides, they provide same-day flower delivery across the island, ensuring freshness in their products. Also, their birthday flower collection has products with elegant and modern designs. You get the option to choose from more than 15 designs to get a flower gift according to the taste and preferences of the person to whom you are gifting. 

Even with fast flower deliveries, they don't compromise on quality as their team checks every product before sending it. All in all, Floral Spell is the perfect online florist to get fresh flowers for your loved ones' birthdays. Additionally, you get free delivery by ordering in their specified time window. So, what are you waiting for? Buy fresh flowers for your special one’s birthday and make the occasion memorable for both.