Vase arrangements

Vase Arrangement: Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home Interior

Adding suitable accessories is a must to give your home a unique appeal according to your preferences. For this reason, if the required decorative items are missing, even a well-constructed house doesn't look as elegant as it should be. 

You can add the missing finishing touch to your house with flower vases. One can create endless arrangements by combining different flower bouquets with suitable vases. You can go creative and design beautiful decorative items.

For your help, we have compiled a list of the best ideas for vase arrangement with some tips from interior designing experts. You can combine your creativity with these rules and transform the look and feel of your house. So, let’s get started.

Ways To Decorate Your Home Using Vase Arrangement

Choose The Right Vase

It is important to use the right "Flower-Vase" combination to ensure the decorative item looks its best. You may have a beautiful vase and elegant flowers, but if you mismatch them, their appeal reduces. Also, the ideal material of the vase varies according to the type of flowers.

For example, if you are thinking of an arrangement with soaring spire flowers like larkspur or delphiniums, using a glass vase is the best. Because the flare of the vase will enhance the appeal of the arrangement. However, try keeping the vase clean so that the flowers are clearly visible. 

Similarly, you can make your decorative piece more appealing by trying and testing different combinations. Moreover, preferably use vases with a narrower neck. It helps to keep the flowers arranged in the same position for a long time. So, the vases with a wide base but narrow neck are the best for decorative purposes.

Use Vintage Containers

If you like vintage items in your house interior, the old-school enamel jugs are a good replacement for regular vases. Specifically, the ones in green colour are suitable for a vintage look, when combined with off hot-coloured florals.

They add a lovely character to a space, even with a layer of time-worn patina. For example, flowers like dahlias look great with such decoration style. Also, to make the most out of this arrangement, divide the flowers into separate bunches and use multiple enamel jugs to create a series of flower vases. 

Create A Centrepiece For Dining Table

Dining tables are present at the central spot in most houses, making them suitable to place a flower-vase arrangement. Whether it is an evening tea session or a dinner party, the dining table centrepiece will surely capture the attention of your friends, family, and relatives. 

You can use jars and urns to create a "rustic farmhouse" arrangement because they are perfect for large-size blooms such as hydrangea, double tulips, and peonies. Also, if you have a vessel with a narrow neck, the bulky stems of these flowers get good support. Besides, you can change the flowers as per your preferences. 

Furthermore, you can get pre-arranged flower vases from Floral Spell to enhance the appeal of the dining table. Their "Exquisite" product is perfect as a dining table centrepiece. It comes with cool and neutral coloured flowers and is decorated with preserved fillers. This front-facing arrangement has a mild mint blue colour that gives positive and welcoming vibes. 

Combine Vases of Different Heights

The sideboards or console tables are perfect spots for displaying decorative flower vases. You can use vases of different heights to add variety to the appearance of the arrangement. Indeed, a vibrant collection of florals with matching vases can bring new energy and freshness to a room. 

This type of flower-vase arrangement is suitable for summers and springs. Also, keep in mind to look for shades of blue or cream and the textures inspired by nature. This way, you can give any space a calm and relaxing vibe.

For more contrast, place short and tall pieces next to each other. You can get flower vases of different sizes from Floral Spell. For instance, you can add their "Celline Gold" vase next to the "Pretty in Pink" product to create an appealing arrangement. 

Use Bud Vases To Make Elegant Arrangements

While designing flower vases, it is not a necessity to add large florals only. Even a single flower arranged with a suitable mini-vase is as effective as a bouquet. You can curate minimal and appealing bud vases that make any place stand out. Just having a few mini-bud vases on a table can transform its appearance. 

You can choose the flowers according to the look you want to give to a particular place. For instance, the chinoiserie vases are perfect if you want to add a little pattern to an arrangement with white and blue colours. Besides, you can get matching fresh flowers in Singapore for the vases you have, from a leading online florist like Floral Spell. Flowers in matching colours with the vase enhance the appeal of an arrangement. 

Furthermore, one can also use the bud vases in clusters. A good approach is to place candles with every individual bud vase. As they are light in weight, it is easy to move and shift them if the table needs to be used. Just make sure that the stems aren't too heavy otherwise the vases will keep falling every now and then.

Add Sculptural Branches With Tall Vases

With the help of some leafy branches, you can design an elegant sculptural centrepiece to make a simple room appealing and elegant. However, the room must be spacious so that this decorative arrangement doesn't look odd. The best approach is to put large stems in tall vases. This way, you get a perfect whimsical and wild look.

In addition, keep in mind to not stuff too many branches in the vase to get a dense look. Overfilling the vase will make the arrangement bulky and acquire a lot of surrounding space. Also, the appearance of the arrangement is compromised.

To get the best results, place the branches individually, one after the other. In between the designing process take a step back, and notice how the arrangement looks from a distance. Accordingly, make changes as per the requirements. 

How To Get Pre-Arranged Flower Vases For Home Decoration?

You can use the above ideas to decorate your home interior using vase arrangements. However, if you don't want to invest time and effort in figuring out and designing a flower vase, you can shop for pre-arranged flower vases from Floral Spell.

Floral Spell is the most trusted online florist in Singapore dealing in both fresh and sola wood preserved flowers. Our "Vase Arrangement" sections have different products with appealing and diverse designs. Our catalogue has products in different shapes, sizes, and colours suitable for various spaces in the house. For instance, our "Modern Pastel" vase is the perfect decorative item for a coffee table. Whereas the "Alluring" product is a suitable piece for the dining area. 

Moreover, we offer same-day flower delivery services across Singapore. Our team checks each flower vase before sending it to your doorstep. So, you are assured of quality products and timely delivery every time you shop with us. We are the only flower delivery service in Singapore that offer premium quality products at the best market prices.


Flower-Vase arrangements can surely uplift the interior of your house. You can use the above ideas to create your own designs or select from the collection of pre-arranged flower vases from a reliable online florist. Either way, you are assured of getting beautiful home interiors. However, choose the vase designs according to your house structure to get the best results. So, what are you waiting for; use your creativity and the mentioned tips to beautify your living space!