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Happiness Blessings - Fresh Orchids Phalaenopsis

Purple orchids were believed to bring good luck to households. Among all varieties of orchids, the Phalaenopsis is a popular festive flower, with good meanings of happiness, vitality and longevity.

Conveys: Good luck and wealth

3 stalks of orchids and comes with oriental bloom box with Prosperous Dragon acrylic charm and Chinese new year ornaments (ornaments/charm design are subject to change)

Front-facing arrangement.

*Fresh Orchids may last for 2-3 weeks, only water them once a week.

Note: Fresh flowers are the seasonal and uniqueness of flowers, certain blooms or colors may not be available as each season affects the availability / color / size / shape of each bloom, thus flowers may be substituted accordingly without prior notice.

We ask for your trust that we will pick out the best seasonal available while capturing the arrangement theme colors mentioned to curate and create something beautiful for you.


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Approximate size: 48CM(H) X 30CM(W)


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