Founded in 2018, we started with fresh cut flower bouquets and began exploring wood flowers by early 2019. 

We take pride in being the First & Only (or Original) florist in Singapore that has a wide variety of Sola Wood floral designs and colours - custom made with love, to your preferences.

We started to specialize in Sola Wood Flowers because fresh cut flowers wilt too quickly.

We wanted to work towards a more sustainable direction (or alternative), hence we focused more on Sola Wood Flowers.  

Each order are inspected before delivery. We do not compromise on quality. 

You can find out more with our video below.

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  • Eco - Friendly

    Eco - Friendly

    Sola Wood Flowers are everlasting and eco-friendly flowers that can be scented with essential oil.

  • Fresh flowers

    Fresh flowers

    We do work with fresh flowers too!