Floral Spell

Richness and Wealth - Extra Large Premium

A large stunning, outburst of colours that is bound to be an eye-catching piece. This luxurious, rich arrangement is specially curated for what a peony represents – Richness and wealth.

In Chinese culture, peonies are always associated with richness, peace, honour and prosperity. As peonies are well-known as wealth flowers, they are often known as the ‘lucky’ flower for the lunar new year.

Blooming sola wood peonies and dahlia, complimented with matching preserved/ faux fillers. .

Inclusive of ceramic pastel purple vase.

Conveys: Richness, peace, honour and prosperity 

Colour theme: Shades of pink and purple, hinge of yellow gold fillers

Front-facing arrangement, can last minimum 6 months or more.

To note: Images shown are for references only. The main flowers and supporting foliage used will be subject to availability. In the event, where flower types are unavailable, similar flowers type of the same range will be replaced without prior notice. 

Sola wood flowers are handcrafted from the natural balsa tree and undergo a meticulous dyeing process. Due to their organic origin and the unique absorption characteristics of each flower, the colors in each batch may exhibit slight variations.

Every arrangement is uniquely made with the newest batch of seasonal flowers available to create the look you have chosen.



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Approximate size: 70CM(H) X 42CM(W)


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