Preferred Birthday Flowers

Most Preferred Birthday Flowers To Gift Your Loved Ones

Unarguably birthdays are one of the most awaited events in everyone’s life. Though there are many gifting options available, a flower bouquet is the best choice to give your loved one on their birthday. To make your search for the best flowers easy, we have a huge list of floral arrangements to suit your requirements. Our team of experts picks quality fresh flowers and sola wood flowers to design the most unique and eye-catching bouquet.

You can check all the exotic flower bouquet collections listed in this article to pick the desired one. Add charms to the birthday celebration with these flower arrangements. Let's get started.

List of Most Preferred Birthday Flower Bouquets to Celebrate the Birthday

Mini Bouquet - Grace

The "Mini Bouquet - Grace" is an apt choice to give to someone who is fond of pink color. This bouquet offers every shade of pink from neutral baby shades to bright ones. However, you will enjoy the sola wood flowers shaped into beautiful roses. 

In general, many girls whether a teenager or an adult prefer every celebration decoration in pink shade. So you can make the celebration more special for the recipient by giving a bouquet of pink flowers that matches their birthday theme color.

Lucky Charm

Everybody has one friend who likes all the fancy and classy items. So you are lucky to have an option to impress that picky friend on their birthday with a flower bouquet named lucky charm. This flower bouquet gift box is designed in a way to carry easily. It contains preserved and wood flowers. Additionally, to compliment the florals, matching and accented fillers are also added with it. 

Moreover, to give it a classy and royal look, the arrangement is offered in leather gift boxes. You can either opt for black or white color as per the recipient's choice. Definitely, the birthday flowers in a unique gifting style will give immense joy to your friend. The flower box can later be used to decorate the study table or be placed in the living room forever.


No doubt, the flowers are good enough to wish someone on their birthday or celebrate any occasion. But, the presentation is also equally important. Our floral arrangement expert presents the flowers in lovely vases exclusively for birthday celebrations. The sola wood flowers are added in their original wood color and brown along with preserved roses in hot red. To add grace to the flowers, the matching fillers in pink hues are arranged in the vase.

However, these flowers are perfect to be gifted to your loved ones as well as someone with professional relations on birthdays.


Well, it is very important to make the birthday special for a friend who is close to your heart to show your love. For the relations that hold so much meaning in life and are constant companions, the birthday gift should be vibrant and full of colors. The flower arrangement that is "Aurelia" is one perfect pick as a birthday present. It will not only be a unique gift among many others in the party but will also compliment your bond.

Significantly, the aurelia is a vase arrangement with all the beautiful and lively shades of flowers. Positively the florist has matched the wood flowers of cream and orange color with preserved accented peach roses. The flowers are definitely bright and dazzling to leave the recipient in awe.


Moving further, the "Blanc" is the most fierce flower arrangement with a blend of amazing bold colors. Positively, every color and flower arrangement holds meaning. So, it should be given wisely to match the recipient's personality on their birthdays. You can confidently choose the blanc when the birthday person is strong and always stays by your side. We have designed the floral gift in a vase with sola wood flowers in a blue shade like a moonlight and wood color.  The preserved white and light blue roses are included with matching accented fillers.

Baby Breath

Well, it is very much clear from the name of the bouquet that it is full of baby breath flowers of mesmerizing distinct color. Significantly, as the bouquet consists of fresh flowers their availability depends on the season. But, the florals are very soothing to the eyes and cheer up the ambiance of the place instantly. The bouquet when gifted on the occasion of a birthday can easily convey your affection for them. Many people wait eagerly to celebrate their birth anniversary and expect others to make it equally special. Your baby breath flower bouquet will be a great choice to be given as congratulation flowers on their big day. 

Therefore, when you have to attend the birthday in the season when baby breath blooms, you can surely pick them to give on the birthday.


If you are attending a birthday event of a colleague or someone you are meeting for the first time then the "Hydrangeas" bouquet is a perfect choice. The hydrangeas can never be the wrong choice to wish in a formal way. Positively, you have two options to pick according to the recipient's preference. Firstly, there is a bouquet in pink hues that are the symbol of purity. Secondly, you can opt for blue hydrangeas which symbolize royalty. 

Obviously, every individual tries to give the best gift on birthdays or select the right flowers to express oneself accurately. Therefore, a bouquet of fresh hydrangeas with neutral and elegant shades can surely be given at the birthday celebration.

Shoji White

Shoji White is a cheerful balloon box featuring wood flowers in their original cream wood color accented fillers. This is a great alternative to offer on birthdays of an adult or children. The balloons are usually of blue colors and you can select what to write on them from the given option to customize them according to the occasion. However, they are designed with the perspective of a gift for the event of birthdays. When it's your loved one’s special day, leave no stone unturned to make the celebration memorable. 

Modern Pastel

Certainly from all the listed above, the "Modern Pastel" flower arrangement is different and a thoughtful birthday gift. The florist has designed the flowers in the theme of pastel and white shade. Moreover, they are organized in a vase but in a unique one that is round in shape. Positively, everyone wishes to keep the gift forever with them to cherish and remember it as a souvenir from our loved ones. This vase arrangement given on birthdays will stick to their side and can be utilized as a decoration item in the house.

Bottom line

To sum up, you can pick amazing flower bouquets or vase arrangements listed on our website to give on birthdays. All the flower bouquets are designed by our florist who holds years of experience in the flower arrangement. We understand every relation and personality of individuals. Therefore, the flowers are organized in a way that compliments and suits your needs.

You can pick any flower bouquet from above mentioned or bookmark for upcoming birthday events to make the celebration memorable. For more information, feel free to contact us.