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9 Tips To Make A DIY Fresh Flower Bouquet

Fresh flowers can enhance the aesthetic and appeal of a home or office. One can get a beautiful fresh flower bouquet from a reputable online florist like Floral Spell. Besides, you can make your own personalised DIY flower bouquet by following some easy steps!

You get to choose the scents, colour schemes, and other complementary items according to your preferences. Also, it is a fun activity to do with friends, family, and loved ones. For this reason, we have curated the top tips that anyone can follow; and make their own DIY fresh flower bouquet easily. So, without any further ado, let's check out the tips. 

Top Tips To Make DIY Fresh Flower Bouquet

Decide A Colour Theme

Pick a colour theme of your choice and keep it constant throughout the bouquet. However, one can use flowers of different colours but ensure that they complement the core colour. Moreover, you can tweak the arrangements according to your preferences. For instance, use different colours for a vibrant look or similar colours for a softer look. 

Use Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are a suitable choice for a DIY bouquet because they are fresh and easily available. Hence, go with the flowers like hydrangeas, that are available throughout the year. Moreover, you can look for other types of flowers available in the respective season according to your preferences.

Look For Durable Flowers

No one wants a bouquet that wears out too soon. For this reason, the experts at Floral Spell recommend using daisies and succulents. This way, your DIY fresh flower gift boxes will last more. Moreover, durable flowers ensure that the bouquet doesn't get damaged easily, even if a person carries it in hand for longer durations.

Basic Preparations

The basic step is to remove the thorns and extra leaves from the flowers. However, the detailed process will vary from flower to flower. For example, if you use roses in the DIY bouquet, make sure that the thorns on the stem are removed. Otherwise, they can damage the surrounding flowers. Similarly, remove the foliage according to the requirement.

Flower Care For Long Life

To get the best life out of the DIY fresh flower bouquet, cut the stem in a diagonal manner. This way, one can promote nutrients for the flowers. In addition, keep a water-filled flower vase ready with you. To promote the flower's health, add plant food or a little sugar to the vase so that the bouquet lasts longer. 

Giving Final Form To The Bouquet

Now, this is the fun part! You can try flower combinations according to preferences and find out what works the best. However, if you run out of ideas, you can go through some pictures on the internet to get some inspiration. After figuring out the basic structure of the bouquet, one can proceed with placing the flowers.

Place The Focal Flowers 

Focal flowers are the main entity in a bouquet. They are the centre of focus, and other flowers surround them as complementary ones. For this reason, make sure to add the focal flowers in the middle of the bouquet. This way, the core blooms will stay in the centre, and other flowers will complement them. 

Add The Filler Flowers

After the core structure of our DIY bouquet is ready, it's time to add the filler flowers. They are essential to add the much-needed volume to the bouquet and ensure it does not look empty. Some of the popular filler flowers are Eucalyptus, Baby's Breath, and Myrtle. 

Wrap The Bouquet

After adding all the flowers, wrap the bouquet using hot glue or tape. Do it properly so that the DIY bouquet stays in its original form. At last, place it in the vase, and you are good to go!


With the help of the tips mentioned above, one can easily make a DIY flower bouquet. Additionally, here is a bonus tip! If you don't want to invest effort in making a DIY fresh flower bouquet, order one from Singapore's #1 online florist: Floral Spell!

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