Sola wood flowers

Sola Wood Flowers: Most Eco-friendly and Sustainable Flowers

Giving someone a flower bouquet is the sweetest gesture of expressing your affection. Most people are shifting their interest toward sola wood flowers instead of fresh ones. No doubt, fresh flowers are beautiful and full of aroma but they have a shorter life span. Whereas, sola wood flowers are ever-lasting flowers.

This article lists those details of sola wood flowers that are not known to all, let's find out.

All About Sola Wood Flowers

No doubt, sola wood flowers are the most sustainable and eco-friendly substitute for cut flowers. The florals cause no harm to nature as their source is plant-based from which these flowers are manufactured. Significantly, the Aeschynomene Aspera plant is the one from which the sola wood flowers are made. It is popularly known by the name sola.

The sola is a renewable type of wood from the swampy plant. Well, these herbs are grown in marshy land and rice fields. The soft white core material from the flowers is used for making the florals, which are very supple, delicate, and squashy. This core of the plant is covered with a layer of bark. The characteristics of the sola plant enable an expert to easily mold the wood into beautiful flowers.

How are Sola Wood Flowers made?

Definitely, after considering amazing facts about sola wood flowers, you must be curious to know how they are made. Well, all the flowers are handcrafted without the help of any machines. The thin sheets from the core of the plants are given the shapes of a petal with hands. After cutting every element of a flower, they are assembled together to give an elegant and realistic look.

The skilled artisans are so good at their work that they give the wood flowers the same characteristics that of a fresh floral. 

Once the flowers are ready, they are hand-dyed in different colors to give them an appealing look. You can also get a customized bouquet of sola wood flowers in your preferred color.

Why is Sola Wood Flowers preferred over Fresh Flowers?

There are many amazing aspects of sola wood flowers to convince you to consider them over fresh flowers. They are not only an eco-friendly alternative but are worth the money. Take a look at the below-mentioned features:

Environment friendly

The flowers are a product of the fastest-growing plant that is Aeschynomene Aspera commonly known as sola. Unlike the cut flowers that take time to reproduce, the sola plant is available in abundance. It is eco-friendly because the fauna is not harmed and there is no risk of extinction. The plant grows quickly and the Gardeners use no technology to boost its growth.

Stay forever

Definitely, the sola wood flowers stay the same forever. Whenever you give a sola wood flower bouquet to your loved ones, it will stick with them for a lifetime as a token of love. Moreover, when your family members or friends are away from you, the sola wood flowers will help them to cherish the bond. 

No risk of allergies

Indeed, many people have allergies to certain flowers or fragrances. However, if you give someone the flower bouquet to which they are allergic may cause them inconvenience instead of pleasure. Obviously, one can not predict these medical conditions. But, wooden flowers are safe and suitable as they do not have their own scent. 

Keep memories alive

It is difficult to keep hold of every memory with fresh flowers as they dry out very soon. But, you can now look back on every sweet moment of your life and appreciate them with sola wood flowers. If you give them to someone special or receive them as a gift, it will keep all the memories alive because they never die like fresh flowers.

Worth the cost

Well, it is definitely worth the cost as they do not have an expiry date. Obviously, when you spend money on anything, you wish it to stay with you. That is the reason, sola wood flowers once brought will live long and also enhance the beauty of your house as decoration items forever. Whereas, the cut flowers may cost the same but live for a few days.

No expensive maintenance required

Whenever you buy a bouquet of fresh flowers there are some precaution tips suggested by the florist. Moreover, if you wish to keep them a day or week-long, it requires proper care. So its maintenance is quite expensive which involves purchasing the flower food, liquids to keep the water fresh, etc. Significantly, sola wood flowers need no such nurturing on a daily basis.

Not dependent on any season

Usually, the same fresh flowers are not available throughout the year. In the same vein, flowers in Singapore are also specific to a particular season. Therefore if the occasion or any event falls in the off-season when the preferred flower does not grow can ruin your mood. But, the sola wood flower is not bound to any particular time of the year. As discussed, they are carved out of renewable wood, they are available in quantity and can be stored.

Easy to mold as preferred

Well, it is very convenient to carve out beautiful flowers from sola wood because it is supple and squashy. Moreover, there is no need for technology to make these florals. All sola wood flowers are handcrafted. One can choose the color of their choice from the wide range of collections that the florist makes and dyes with unique colors.

Where to get good Quality Sola Wood Flowers?

Floral Spell is the leading florist in Singapore and serves the finest quality sola wood flowers. The art of making sola wood flowers requires experience and fine work. If the wood is not treated skillfully, it can leave an uneven look. The professionals are dedicated to designing realistic and beautiful flowers. 

Well, it requires great skills and expertise to strip out the bark of the Aeschynomene Aspera plant to get its soft core. Moving further, it is beaten to make thin sheets to carve out the petals and other detailing of the flower carefully. The floral arrangement expert of the floral spell makes sure to carry out every step vigilantly to avoid any roughness in the wood cutting.

In general, the sola wood flowers are of cream and brown wood color. Later, we hand dye them in various colors to design beautiful flower bouquets. Floral Spell makes sure to paint the floral in eco-friendly colors to keep the buyers safe from any allergies. Additionally, floral spell use no artificial air-drying technique. Instead, the sola wood flowers are kept outside to dry naturally.

Bottom line

Though there are many options for floral gifting, choose the one that will stay with you forever. The fresh-cut flower bouquet does not live longer and wilt very soon. However, the sola wood flowers are perfect to give when you are fond of flowers and do not want them to die early.

We are the first and only florist in Singapore to serve a wide variety of sola wood flowers in unique colors and designs. We worked on a sustainable alternative to preserve nature as well as celebrate the special days with flowers.