Father's Day: Send a Special Flower Bouquet For Dad

Are you planning a gift for your dad for father's day? If yes, you have two options; either give gifts like clothes, shoes, etc. or surprise them with fresh flowers. A fresh flower bouquet will make the occasion more special because your dad will be both surprised and happy after seeing your gift. This way, you can make your dad’s day by giving fresh flowers on this occasion.

Unlike other gifts, flowers help express your emotions most effectively. Hence, presenting fresh flowers to your dad is the best idea to convey your best wishes on father’s day. You can give a preserved flower box or a bouquet designed with fresh flowers, according to your father's preference. He will never forget this gesture of love and affection from you.

Which Type Of Flowers are Best For Father's Day?

The bouquet selection for father' day becomes easy if you know about your dad's favourite flower. However, if you don't know about his preferences, you can get an idea from his favourite colour or fragrance. There are a variety of flowers that can serve as a perfect father's day gift. We have mentioned the top ones. You can go through their qualities and choose one accordingly.

Red Roses

You may already be familiar with the fact that red roses are the most gifted flower on father's day. They are surely going to put a huge smile on your dad's face. The rich red colour of these flowers symbolises love and courage. Fathers are always an inspiration for the family, whatever the circumstances.

So, what's better than presenting fresh red roses to celebrate the special day. Your gift will strengthen your bond with your father and let him know how much you love and value him. Roses are the all-time favourites when it comes to gifting choices for father's day. So, you can get red roses for your father if you want to go with a classic gifting option.


Tulips are the symbols of unconditional love, making them perfect for the occasion of father's day. Parents always give unconditional love to their children. Generally, we all appreciate the affection between the mother and the children; but the father-child relationship is not as highlighted as it should be. 

Tulips are the perfect flowers to fill this gap and express your unconditional love for your father. Moreover, they are also a symbol of loyalty, and everyone knows how loyal every dad is towards their responsibilities and duties. They work tirelessly to ensure all sorts of facilities for you and the family. Hence, tulips are the ideal flowers to express your affection towards your "unsung hero" this father's day. 


Sunflowers are another ideal choice for father's day. They symbolise happiness and optimism. Fathers always assist their children to stay optimistic in every situation. So, sunflowers are the perfect tribute for them on the special occasion of father's day. These flowers have a unique cheerful vibe that can make any person happy.

Besides, the positivity and hope reflected from these flowers are perfect for celebrating your relationship with your father. If your dad likes vibrant colours, he will surely like sunflowers as a gift. All in all, sunflowers are an ideal choice to express your love and affection for your father.


Hydrangeas are the perfect flower for gifting to family members. They represent gratitude and beauty which makes them an ideal choice to be given to your father as a little gesture of respect and love. They symbolise that you are grateful to have him in your life. Blue hydrangeas are the most popular choice to convey your good wishes on father's day. 

You Can't Go Wrong With Gifting Flowers

After deciding on the right flowers, you need to decide on an arrangement that your father will like. Does he like flowers with a vase, a bouquet or something else? For example, if your dad is fond of keeping things safe and intact for a long time, fresh flowers may not be the ideal choice for him. Because they will eventually die and need to be thrown away.

In this situation, you can consider getting preserved flower gift boxes from a reputable florist like Floral Spell. With proper care, these flower boxes can last for years, and keep reminding your father how much you love and care for him. 

Moreover, don't overthink too much while making the flower selection because you can't go wrong with gifting flowers. Just pick the best that you think your dad will like and you are good to go. Because it is the thought and emotions behind the gift that matters the most. Your dad is definitely going to like your father's day present.

How To Order Flowers For Father's Day?

Once you have decided which flower arrangements you have to buy, you can head over to a reputable online florist like Floral Spell. We are the most trusted name for both preserved and fresh flowers in Singapore. You can get a flower delivery directly to your doorstep for free; by ordering in our "free delivery time window". 

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You are assured of quality and freshness every time you make a purchasefrom us. Because our team checks each product before sending it, to ensure you only get quality gifts for your loved ones. Moreover, our sola wood flowers are hand-dyed and dried in natural light to give you the perfect colour and texture. All in all, we are the most trusted florists in Singapore for all your flower requirements.

When To Order Flowers For Father's Day?

If you are planning to gift fresh flowers you can avail of the same-day flower delivery from Floral Spell to ensure freshness in the product. Moreover, if you can't personally congratulate your father due to any reason or want to surprise him, we also provide flower delivery to your desired location. Hence, you can directly send flowers to your father's office, house, or any other place. 

Furthermore, if you want to buy sola wood preserved flowers, you must order them earlier. Because the product may get out of stock due to high demand as Floral Spell is one of the most popular online florist in Singapore. By ordering in advance, you are assured to get your gesture of love and care for your father. Also, you are free from worry as there is no issue of freshness with sola wood and preserved flowers. 


After going through the above information, it is clear that flowers are the best gifting choice for father's day. You will know about the magic of beautiful flowers when you see the happiness on your father's face after handing over the gift to him. So, get a flower arrangement that suits your dad's taste, and make the occasion of father's day memorable for both of you. However, to ensure quality and freshness in the products, only shop from a trusted florist like Floral Spell.